'SPIRIT OF '86' [DVD / CD Digipak]

The Alarm - Spirit Of '86 - DVD Digipak [Collectors Edition]

All new '
Spirit Of '86 - 30th Anniversary Collectors Edition' Triple Disc DVD Digipak features a restored and remastered full length widescreen film version of the original MTV concert with 5:1 Surround Sound and Stereo Mix playback options.
NNB: All DVD's are region free and playable anywhere in the world.

Package also includes a brand new 'behind the scenes' documentary with Mike Peters that was especially recorded on the site of the original concert at UCLA, covering all the events surrounding the historic global satellite broadcast from April 12th 1986.

The collectors edition also features a second concert film of the legendary 'Mike Peters presents The Alarm' event filmed at The Beatles Cavern Club in Liverpool from April 2015, featuring a full representation of the original UCLA set list in a modern setting which closed with Mike Peters and the entire audience singing 'Spirit Of '76' underneath the mythic 'Four Lads Who Shook The World' Beatles memorial on Mathew Street both of which are cited in the songs lyrics.

Other special features include 'Behind the Music - 'Spirit Of '76' with Mike Peters taking viewers / listeners on a journey from Wales to Liverpool and giving insight into the lyrics and meaning of this most special of Alarm songs.

The first 500 copies of the 30th Anniversary Collectors Edition DVD will also be released with an additional 'free' bonus CD featuring the audio soundtrack to the Liverpool Cavern concert.

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