Millennium Gathering

The Millennium Gathering is a live album by The Alarm / Mike Peters.
The triple live CD edition features 50 performances recorded live at The Millennium Gathering, Llandudno Conference Centre, North Wales on the 14th and 15th of January 2000.
The CD came in a limited numbered special white packaging and featured three colour coded CD's.
Disc one: Silver featured the best performances from Peters' solo' set of the friday evening. The best takes from the second set of the night featuring the Flesh & Blood Orchestra reaching a climax with Mike Peters speaking with original Alarm guitarist Dave Sharp who had phoned in to the Gathering from the USA.
Disc two: Black and...
Disc three: Gold contained the entire Saturday evening performance from Mike Peters and the band: James Stevenson - Guitar,Steve Grantley - drums, and Craig Adams - bass. Beginning with 'Unsafe Building', the band visited all points of Peters' musical career.
This is a numbered limited edition release.

Disc One - [Silver]

  1. "Into The 21st Century"
  2. "Absolute Reality"
  3. "Rockin In The Freeworld"
  4. "Feel Free"
  5. "The Deceiver"
  6. "Levi's & Bibles"
  7. "No Better Than This"
  8. "Unbreak The Promise"
  9. "Burnout Syndrome"
  10. "Strength"
  11. "Rescue Me"
  12. "Rise"
  13. "High On The Hill"
  14. "The Stand"
  15. "Breathe"
  16. "House Of Commons"
  17. "Life Can Be Beautiful"
  18. "Flesh & Blood"
  19. "If I Ruled The World"
  20. "Two To Think Of Now"
  21. "Lucky Numbers"
  22. "A New Wales"
  23. "Conversation With Dave Sharp"

Disc Two - [Black]

  1. "Unsafe Building"
  2. "Marching On"
  3. "Where Were You Hiding?"
  4. "The Wasting Land"
  5. "Rise"
  6. "One Step Closer To Home"
  7. "Poetic Justice"
  8. "Rain In The Summertime"
  9. "In Circles"
  10. "Knife Edge"
  11. "White Noise [Pt.II]"
  12. "Absolute Reality"
  13. "Burnout Syndrome"
  14. "Stage Announcement"
  15. "We Are The Light"

Disc Three - [Gold]

  1. "The Stand"
  2. "Breathe"
  3. "High On The Hill"
  4. "Deeside"
  5. "Majority"
  6. "Ground Zero"
  7. "Spirit Of '76"
  8. "Regeneration"
  9. "Sold Me Down The River"
  10. "Rescue Me"
  11. "Sixty Eight Guns"
  12. "Gone Elvis"
  13. "Blaze Of Glory"
  14. "Into The 21st Century"
  • Millennium Gathering
  • Millennium Gathering