Poppies Falling From The Sky - COLLECTOR'S COLLECTION

Poppies Falling from the Sky - Collector's Collection (only available via www.thealarm.com), is an extremely limited edition 200 set that includes the exclusive Poppies Falling From The Sky Box Set that houses The Film (DVD) / The Soundtrack (2 X CD) / Orchestral History of The Alarm (Booklet) and Limited Edition Double Vinyl LP entitled 'Orchestrated' (see full content details below).

The Collector's Collection also includes a 10" Vinyl EP featuring remixed and edited versions of concert highlights 'In The Poppy Fields', 'Rain In The Summertime', 'The Deceiver' and 'Sixty Eight Guns', all with a completely different audio mix from the soundtrack album, together with an exclusive 3 track CD single version (signed by Mike Peters), that is strictly limited to the Collector's Collection only.

The Collector's Collection also comes with a copy of the Mike Peters in Session 2016 CD which features a previously unreleased recording of 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' and brand new live tracks from the band's recent appearance at Brixton Academy during the Black and White Tour.

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Poppies Falling From The Sky - Collector's Collection (200 Limited Edition) includes:

Poppies Falling From The Sky [Box Set]
Orchestrated [Double Vinyl LP]
Mike Peters In Session 2016 [CD]
In The Poppy Fields [10" Vinyl EP - 4 tracks including The Deceiver]
In The Poppy Fields [CD Single - 3 Tracks exclusive to the collection signed by Mike Peters, and not available anywhere else].

Filmed at Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff on one incredible October night in 2015, ‘Poppies Falling From The Sky’ captures every inspirational second of the concert that was described in a Classic Rock Magazine 5 star review as ‘A Triumphant homecoming and career high for The Alarm man – Mike Peters’.

'Poppies Falling From The Sky' is being released online first as a special collectors limited edition box set (that is only available via www.thealarm.com) featuring a concert film DVD, 2 x audio soundtrack CD's plus a 36 page booklet containing an 11,000 word essay by Mike Peters entitled  'The Alarm - An Orchestral History', which presents 'in his own words', an alternative view of accepted Alarm history as shaped by the Alarm's use of outside and orchestral instrumentation and its affect on the musical destiny of the band from the origins to the present day.

On the night, Mike Peters and The Alarm’s music was taken into a new realm by master arranger John Quirk with the band accompanied throughout by the Welsh Pops Symphony Orchestra, Morriston Orpheus Male Voice Choir from South Wales and the community voices of Acquire from North Wales to create an event unprecedented in Alarm history. The DVD concert film 'Poppies Falling From The Sky' captures all of this, and brings it to life in glorious wide screen colour to be watched time and time again.

The audio soundtrack CD's offer a more refined listening experience mixed to create a more intimate recording studio experience that allows the listener to explore and appreciate the collage of sound created between the acoustic band and the symphonic sweep of the orchestral arrangements.

'Orchestrated' is the title of a limited edition double vinyl LP that presents the 'Poppies Falling From The Sky' concert soundtrack in four movements, spread across each side of the heavyweight double vinyl pressing to create the ultimate audiophile listening experience for those who prefer vinyl to digital and all that entails. A unique listening experience that offers another audible view of the music recorded live in concert but with the detail of an album recording session afforded by the near perfect acoustic environment of the Donald Gordon Theatre at the Wales Millennium Centre where the original concert was staged.

The 2 hour plus concert film: ‘Poppies Falling From The Sky’ captures all the Alarm classics notably Sixty Eight Guns, Strength, Spirit of ’76 and Rain In The Summertime alongside an emotionally charged A New South Wales plus concert highlight In The Poppy Fields which featured thousands of poppies falling from the sky to give name to this latest release by Mike Peters and The Alarm.

Tracks Include:

  Dawn Chorus
  The Day The Ravens Left The Tower
  Walk Forever By Your Side
  All Seeing
  My Town
  Sixty Eight Guns
  Unsafe Building  [CD / DVD only]
  Without A Fight  [CD / DVD only]
  One Step Closer To Home  [CD / DVD only]
  Absolute Reality  [CD / DVD only]

  The Stand
  Rain In The Summertime
  The Deceiver
  In The Poppy Fields
  Marching On
  Where Were You Hiding?
  Spirit Of 76
  Blaze Of Glory
  A New South Wales
  Bells Of Rhymney
  One Guitar [CD / DVD Only]
  Love Hope & Strength  [CD / DVD Only]

Mike Peters & The Alarm - In The Poppy Fields 10" Vinyl EP / 3 Track CD Single

Limited edition four track 10" Vinyl EP featuring remixed and edited versions of 'In The Poppy Fields', 'Rain In The Summertime', 'The Deceiver' (10"EP only), and 'Sixty Eight Guns' all with a completely different audio mix from the soundtrack album along with an exclusive 3 track CD single that will be signed in advance by Mike Peters and unavailable anywhere else.


Mike Peters In Session 2016 includes a brand new interview with Mike Peters plus unreleased recordings of 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You', The Cross' along with live versions of 'Superchannel' and 'A Breed Apart' recorded at Brixton Academy on the Black & White Tour 2016.

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