30th Anniversary Vinyl Bundle


Strength / Declaration 30th Anniversary Vinyl Bundle
This special 30th Anniversary Vinyl Bundle pairs all of The Alarm's Twenty First Century 'Vinyl' Record releases into one package.
Special offer includes:
'Strength [30th Anniversary] White Vinyl LP
Declaration [30th Anniversary] White Vinyl LP
'Strength [30th Anniversary] Limited Edition Poster Bag 7" Single [Signed by Mike Peters]
Tracks listings are as follows:

STRENGTH (30th Anniversary) White Vinyl LP

Side One:
1. Spirit Of ‘76
2. Deeside
3. Knife Edge
4. The Day The Ravens Left The Tower
5. Walk Forever By Your Side
Side Two:
6. Strength
7. Dawn Chorus
8. Father To Son
9. Only The Thunder
10. Absolute Reality [Remix]

DECLARATION (30th Anniversary) White Vinyl LP

Side One:
1. Shout To The Devil
2. Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?
3. The Stand
4. Tell Me
5. Howling Wind
Side Two:
6. Blaze Of Glory
7. Third Light
8. The Deceiver
9. Sixty-Eight Guns
10. Declaration / Marching On
11. We Are The Light

Strength [30th Anniversary] 7" Poster Bag Single [signed by Mike Peters]

Side One:
Side Two:
We Are Majority

Priced: £44.99 (P&P not included).


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