Abide With Us - Live at The Gathering 2013 [Dbl. Live CD]

The Alarm - Abide With Us - The Gathering 2013 [Live]

This brand new 38 song double CD set of The Alarm live at the Gathering 2013 is an essential listen for all fans of Mike Peters and The Alarm.

An amazing set list which features a high octane run through some of the group's most iconic songs of modern times, including an electric version of 1987's 'Eye Of The Hurricane' album title track (performed for the first time ever), followed by an unique piano / electric performance of 'Spirit Of '76' that quite literally took the fans on a journey back to those halcyon 'new wave' days when a young Mike Peters and his punk band were playing with The Clash and Buzzcocks and laying the foundations for what would prove to be the inspiration for the film 'Vinyl' and it's accompanying soundtrack.

As there was no crowd barrier (for one of the first times since the eighties), the Gathering fans were able to get right up to the stage and urge the band forward throughout a phenomenal evening of high energy rock and roll, culminating in a sixty minute 'career spanning' encore, that in it's own way, told the story of The Alarm's first decade through an epic rendition of 'Counter Attack's' classic eulogy to the era '1983 /84'.

As with every Gathering concert recording, there is something here that will never be repeated. You can hear the thrill of the moment leap from the speakers and as the music pours out, you will feel like you too have been transported right to the very front of the stage.


The Alarm - Abide With Us - The Gathering 2013

Disc One Tracklisting:

45 RPM

Alarm Calling


The Drunk And The Disorderly

Eye Of The Hurricane

Swan Song



Right Back Where I Started From

Down The Road

My Town

Without A Fight

Spirit Of 76 [Piano Version]

            Free Rock And Roll 

            Nothing To Do 

            Alarm Alarm

            Standing On The Corner

            Free Rock And Roll [Reprise]

Spirit Of '76 [Electric Version]

Blaze Of Glory


Disc Two Tracklisting: 

A Breed Apart


            Unsafe Building

            Marching On

            The Stand 

            68 Guns

            Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?

            Absolute Reality

            Walk Forever By My Side

            Rain In The Summertime

            Rescue Me

            Sold Me Down The River

            A New South Wales

            Moments In Time

1983/84 [Reprise]


After The Rock And Roll Has Gone / One Guitar