About Us

The Twenty First Century Recording Company was originally formed in 1994 by The Alarm lead singer and songwriter Mike Peters, as a way to express his and the band's creativity beyond the limits of the traditional record label as encountered by artists / musicians in the 1980's. The first ever release was 'Breathe - Acoustic Sessions', a companion piece to Mike's then solo album 'Breathe' and since then, the label has grown to become the official home for all the creative works of Mike Peters and The Alarm in the modern era. 

The Twenty First Century Recording Company has gone on to help Mike Peters and The Alarm create some groundbreaking releases (the legendary Alarm Box Set Collection with personal dedication CD and The Alarm Band's Reunited Uncut to name but two), and now includes all the major Alarm studio albums plus 'live' concert performances, soundtrack recordings and off shoot projects such as Flesh & Blood, Coloursound & the Vinyl Movie Soundtrack.

In 2001 (the 20th Anniversary year of The Alarm), Mike Peters set about the creation of 21st Century Films as a way of meeting and utilising the medium of Film & DVD for both creative and documentary purposes. The freedom of creativity and artistic control afforded by Twenty First Century means that every single Alarm studio album of the modern era has been released with a visual DVD element that has enabled Mike and The Alarm to continue to project their vision to the world.

In more recent times the resurgence of Vinyl has been met with the formation of 21st Century Record Label to facilitate the creation of audiophile quality LP's that are continuing to excite fans with releases such as the 30th Anniversary Edition 'Spirit Of '86' Double Vinyl album and the limited press 'Orchestrated' LP and 'In The Poppy Fields' 10" Vinyl EP.

The Twenty First Century Recording Company is run out of The Alarm's hometown of Prestatyn, North Wales by Jules Peters and the 21st Century Management team of Peter and Dorothy Jones assisted by Leanne Knapp and Mike's brother Steve Peters. The Alarm website and Official Alarm Facebook pages are run by Steve Fulton (Webmaster), Andy Labrow (Design), and Lily Elsayed (Facebook) who are all long-standing Alarm fans with graphic assistance by Karl 'The Design Doctor' Parsons. 

This is the team that produces The Alarm - The Gathering (est. 1992), our flagship annual event that hosts over 2000 Alarm fans in Llandudno, North Wales every year to celebrate all things Mike Peters and The Alarm. Now coming up to it's 25th year, The Gathering has grown alongside the phone service, website, record label and online store and epitomises all that is special about Mike Peters and The Alarm. 

When we first started (as MPO), back in 1991, our main service was to offer an open phone line so that fans could call up and hear 'in person', about all the latest goings on in the world of Mike Peters and The Alarm and that is still very much our principal aim. Until the launch of www.thealarm.com (1992), and the label (1994), all our sales were at first conducted via our telephone service +44 (0) 1745 571571 / Mobile (calls & texts) : +44 (0) 7548 716962 (which is still very much active) and the online store service has been active for over ten years now enabling Alarm fans world wide to stay in touch and hear the work Mike Peters & The Alarm create. 

We have had dealings with fans from all corners of the globe, sending out packages on a daily basis to Brazil, Japan, USA, South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia and helping those same fans to travel to concerts in countries other than their own, to taste the thrill that is still Mike Peters and The Alarm live.

We pride ourselves on the same values of quality that you the fans have come to expect from Mike Peters and The Alarm and our number one aim is to offer all Alarm / Mike Peters fans a customer service unparalleled in the modern music business.

Please feel free to contact us anytime: 

Tel: +44 (0) 1745 571571

Mobile (calls & texts) : +44 (0) 7548 716962

Email: alarmcalling@mac.com

Website : www.thealarm.com