New In Store - Vintage Under Attack / Saturday Gigs 2006 - Vest Top

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The Alarm - Vintage Under Attack / Saturday Gigs 2006 Vest Top.

Approx Size:
S 32" / M 34" / L 37"
Length S 50.5" / M 52.5" / 54.5"

The Alarm Under Attack Girls style Vest Top, with Under Attach logo and 2006 tour dates.

The Alarm's classic Under Attack T-shirt design was originally created by Mike Peters for the UK Saturday Gigs Tour of 2006.

The iconic Loud Hailer design complimented the urgency of the music on the album itself and was used on stage during Superchannel which had become a Top 30 single in February 2006.

Never previously sold outside the UK, this T-shirt design has been in demand for many years, and features all the original UK Saturday Gigs concert dates from 2006 on the back print including the Gathering MMVI event of that same year.

All orders for The Alarm - Under Attack T-Shirt will qualify for free postage throughout June 2020.