No Barriers - Gathering 2014

No Barriers - Gathering 2014

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No Barriers - The Gathering 2014

A concert film of the longest Mike Peters and Alarm performance in history.

DVD / Audio - 4 Disc Collection - No Barriers

Region Free NTSC DVD Format that is playable around the world.

No Barriers. Mike Peters and The Alarm in Concert at The Gathering 2014 is possibly the ultimate 'access all areas' rock and roll movie experience. In January 2014, Mike Peters and The Alarm engaged in a 4.5 hour, two set, 42 song performance that has already gone down in Alarm folklore and still being talked about today as one of the best and longest, if not the longest, set in the band's history.

The Gathering 2014 was allowed to go ahead without the standard rock and roll crush barriers and so the band and audience were as close as could be. In fact, all the legendary Alarm gigs of the eighties were conducted without barriers and it was only with the onset of the nineties and corporate rock concert management that barriers became the norm everywhere, literally creating a physical barrier between the band and its fans.

Now you can see Mike Peters and The Alarm as rock and roll concerts should be, up close and personal. So close, you can literally feel the intensity and energy of the music. So personal, you can almost touch the sweat and the honest to goodness heart and soul rock and roll of Mike Peters and The Alarm.

This concert movie also takes you behind the scenes with Mike Peters interviews both in between sets and in rehearsal before the show starts. Unmissable.




Sixty Eight Guns
My Town
Feel Free
It's Alright / It's Ok
Right Back Where I Started From
I Never Left I Only Went Away
High On The Hill
Under The Sun
Down The Road
A Breed Apart
Direct Action
The Drunk And The Disorderly
Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?

Absolute Reality
Alarm Calling
Walk Forever By My Side
Gone Elvis
Bound For Glory
Fade In Fade Out Fade Away
Sold Me Down The River
Rain In the Summertime
Without A Fight
Into The 21st Century
Knife Edge
One Guitar
Rescue Me
Spirit Of '76
In The Poppy Fields
Declaration / Marching On
45 RPM / Free Rock And Roll
Moments In Time
Blaze Of Glory


NB: The Two Audio Soundtrack Discs feature over 150 minutes of edited highlights of the concert.


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