The Alarm - Sun Studio Sessions 2019 CD

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'The Alarm - Sun Studio Sessions 2019' CD.
This unique disc features all of the music recorded during the live broadcast from Elvis Presley's Sun Recording Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, USA on July 18th 2019.
Recorded by in-house engineer Ples Hampton and mixed by Mark Warden, the Sun Studio Sessions feature unique in studio performances of Blood Red Viral Black and Psalm, along with uptakes of Alarm Classics - Strength and Rain In the Summertime.
In between bursts of Mike Peters' impromptu studio chat, there is a storming version of Woody Guthrie's Bound For Glory, a blistering take on Gone Elvis, and a divine cover of U2's 40 that features a stirring Mike Peters vocal performance.
Recorded at the birthplace of all rock and roll, on the eve of The Alarm's Sigma LXXV Tour that took America by storm during the summer of 2019,  Sun Studio Sessions 2019, is an amazing document of an incredible moment in Alarm History that closes out with an inspirational Alarm version of Elvis Presley's own Suspicious Minds, making this a must have addition to your Alarm music collection.
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